Education & Visitors


Tangikaroro Park will establish a facility where visitors can:

Experience and participate in an active indigenous biodiversity restoration program, and enjoy the unique and accessible setting of the Tangikaroro  Park.    

Experience something of the nature of Maori life in both Pre-European and Post-WWII forms, and in a contemporary context. 

Similarly, to establish a facility where students, from young primary to post-graduate, can have a base for a range of learning experiences. These include

Participation in the process of restoration and monitoring at the Tangikaroro Park Reserve itself.

Proximity to a diversity of Geophysical and Ecological settings in the nearby district.

Whakaangiangi School (now closed), is a facility nearby to Tangikaroro Park that has been allocated to facilitate groups of students.  Its upgrade will mean it can cater to a range of expected visitors.  Of these it is hoped to attract local school children to experience as a school camp base. It is understood that for the majority of school children in the area, school camps are undertaken at various local Marae, as opposed to a designated school camp. The added attraction for schools would be the close proximity of other areas of interest such as the East Cape (Whangaokeno) the history of Hicks Bay (Whangaparaoa) the mud lakes at Waikura Valley, the Hochstetter frogs at Tapatu and Tangihana, and the draw card of local beaches and rivers.

Overseas Eco-Students, in partnership with Ecoquest Education Foundation, will utilise the park for extending their studies.  Already these students have spent time visiting the Park collecting relevant data, which will prove extremely useful in a later comparison of before and after erection of the pest free fence.

It is further anticipated that the ‘Whare’ School facility would be used to hold educational seminars, from time to time.  This could attract students, tourists or simply Ecologically minded people with an interest. These could be booked for groups that want a specific educational goal met, that would be a good fit within the Tangikaroro Park concept.

The now closed Whakaangiangi School Buildings & Grounds may soon re-open for Tangikaroro Park.