Planning & Logistics


Establishment of a dynamic visitor and educational facility at Tangikaroro Park is an important part of the Project’s planning. Suitable facilities primarily required are a visitor and information centre, and appropriate accommodation. This will be found in the upgraded former Whakaangiangi School Buildings and Grounds, which are approximately two kilometers along Whakaangiangi Road in very close proximity to Tangikaroro Park.

Long term planning for the Project will include the establishment of a purpose-built visitor centre to allow both individuals and groups the possibility of enjoying the rich Cultural, Ecological and Geophysical environment of the district, and ethos of how Tangikaroro Park blends Nature with Culture.  

The projected plan set out over four years in Chronological order includes

-       A Whakaangiangi School Buildings and Grounds upgrade.

-       Construction of the pest free fence.

-       Ongoing monitoring and eradication of pests.

-       Construction of walkways and tracks within the Park.

-       Building of bridges and viewing platforms.

-       Construction of visitor and retail centre.

-       Construction of rock garden platform.

-       Establishment of alternative energy systems.

-       Restoration of the old Homestead Buildings on the Tangikaroro Park site.

-       Construction of Pre-European dwelling site of the 1700’s time period.

-       Establishment of play and park area for visitors.

-      Establish Honey Bee Research and Education Centre for all ages.